It’s Broken!

A major highlight from this past week at the Capitol deals with fixing a broken school finance formula. Local control is important in Kansas. We know that the right decisions for our students are made by the people closest to … Continued

Six weeks in, Education wins!

Yes, Education wins as the the top issue I’m hearing about from my constinuents, coming from email and phone calls, as well as from the Lenexa Town Hall meeting I participated in this morning. K-12 Education Funding: Myth: There are … Continued

A Great Start At The Capitol

Just finished my second week serving in the House of Representatives in Topeka. There’s a steep learning curve, but I’m finding I ask the right questions, and a variety of issues interest me. My goal is to become knowledgeable, to … Continued

Solid win for Olathe and Lenexa!

Praise God! I did it – with the help of many, and the votes of many great folks in District 30!! Very grateful for my family’s support, and all the coaching along the way from Mike Pirner, State Representative Lance … Continued

Pleasant afternoon in Lenexa and Olathe!

This last week, we finished walking our district in Lenexa and Olathe! Very encouraged with all the help I received, the many volunteers who walked with me to make it happen. Now we’re on round two, going again to speak … Continued

Great support in Lenexa and Olathe this afternoon.

It’s a great day in Lenexa and Olathe today. Lots of folks happy to take my sign in their yard, as well as Governor Brownback’s and Senator Pat Roberts. Folks are seeing through the media’s misrepresentation of our candidates. 🙂

Lots of support in Olathe and Lenexa today.

Talked with a good number of folks today, many happy to support my campaign by not only committing to vote, but to have signs placed in their yards! Made for a great afternoon in Olathe and Lenexa!

Great morning in Lenexa and Olathe!

Really appreciated Catherine Gunsalus and Bo Winters going out and walking with me today. Made for an outstanding morning in Olathe and Lenexa! Lots of signs were placed in folks yards today, with their votes of support for our shared … Continued

Another great evening in Olathe and Lenexa.

Was really encouraged this evening in Olathe and Lenexa. Always makes my day when I meet younger couples who are passionate about the issues facing us. Much thanks to Derek Witt for walking with me and making it happen!