Passion. Perspective. Purpose.

Protect Kansas Families from High Taxes
Say “no” to tax increases so businesses and families can invest in their own futures. Growing the economy is the best way to keep property taxes in check.

Income taxes have been decreased for all Kansans, leaving more money in the pockets of our state’s families. Businesses have also seen breaks, with a zero tax rate on many small businesses that employ 77% of Kansans to reinvest in their businesses and hire new employees.

I work with small business owners in my practice as a financial advisor. Changes that provide a healthy environment for the growth of a small business just make sense.

I’ll support continued progress along these lines, confident that it will allow for healthier families, and growth of our economic engine.


Ensure a High Quality Education for Children
Improve the quality of education by increasing local control of schools and getting more money directly into the classroom, while expanding opportunities for all children.

Kansas is #4 in the nation for the percentage of general funds invested in schools, yet education is our state’s #1 budget priority. We need to focus more on measurable outcomes, like getting more money into the classrooms by hiring and retaining quality teachers, rather than disproportionately spending on administration costs.


Keep Spending in Check
Find efficiencies and improve budget processes to limit the growth of government. Fight federal government mandates such as Obamacare that can cost our state millions.

As a financial advisor, I personally have clients in private medical practice, and have listened to their concerns.  One doctor, who deeply cares for his patients, has been in practice for 20 years, and fears that the current direction of Obamacare may mean he will only be able to hold out for another 2-3 years.  He will then have to close his practice and go under a collective hospital system, where the quality of care for patients is sacrificed.

I find these possibilities both heart-breaking and infuriating.  I will fight to ensure this doctor’s fears are not realized, and that he will be in a place to continue providing quality care his patients deserve.


Preserve Traditional Values and Protect Life
I’ll preserve and enhance pro-life protections, while defending Kansas Values at every turn, including 2nd amendment rights.

I believe that life begins at conception, is sacred and must be protected from conception to natural death. I’ll support efforts to restrict abortion and promote a culture of life.

Marriage is a sacred institution which should only be between a man and a woman. I support the Kansas Constitution which defines the institution as such.

I’ll protect the rights granted to all Americans under the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which allows citizens to own firearms. I fully support Kansas’ concealed carry law and would oppose efforts to weaken it.