Religious Liberty on Campus and More

Last week there was vigorous debate on the House Floor with regard to religious liberties on college campuses. I voted in favor of the following bill, ensuring religious clubs are treated the same as other student associations. Read about this … Continued

Budget, Article V, and more…

Interesting week that just passed by. Here are some of the highlights. Budget Agreement The House approved a budget compromise that was later adopted by the Senate. The bill is essentially what the House approved after debate the prior week, … Continued

Week 4 Highlights

Below are some of the highlights of week 4 at the Capitol. Although subject to change, the House currently plans to debate its budget bill, SB 161, next week. • The bill is a legislative solution to the budget deficit. The … Continued

Balanced Budget, K-12 Funded…..

Wow, what an introduction to government and politics for me as a Freshman Legislator in the Kansas House of Representatives. I have experienced, along with a number of fellow colleagues, the power and necessity of prayer, as we acknowleged that … Continued

Budget, Taxes, and More

One thing I appreciate about working in the House of Representatives at the state level is we must “balance” the budget. What that’s meant the past days were many meetings and discussions on what specific ingredients will make for the … Continued

Uber, Prayer, RPS….

Highlights from last week (temporary issue with fonts – thanks for your understanding). Things started heating up a bit after we returned recently from our 3-week break in April, now in what we refer to as Veto Session, which includes … Continued

Welfare Reform and More!

Higlights from the Capitol!  The House adjourned a day earlier than the scheduled first adjournment deadline. Veto Session will convene on April 29th, after newly updated Consensus Revenue Estimates (April 20th) and a day before April revenue collection figures are … Continued

Full Week at the Capitol!

This week the House debated numerous issues in preparation for first adjournment next week. I voted in favor on the following issues. State Employees The House approved a bill that will grant state agencies the ability to change unfilled classified … Continued

Historic Education Vote!

The House today (Friday) approved the block grant bill (which I voted in favor of) designed to be a two-year bridge to a new funding formula while giving school districts unprecedented local control and the flexibility needed to put money … Continued